What Is The “Secret Formula” to a Better Credit Score?

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How do you go around getting a better credit score? Two things: good credit habits and a lot of time.

It is extremely difficult for some people to accept that their own spending habits are the cause of their sub-par credit scores. True, there are errors in credit reports that could bring down scores, but a person’s spending habits will nonetheless come out on paper once the errors are cleared out.

This is why those seeking to improve their credit scores need to better control their finances: pay those bills on time, apply less frequently for additional credit and managing total debt relative to total income.

The second element here is time. Your previous “misdemeanors” in terms of credit will eventually be replaced by a history of responsible spending.

This means that you will need anywhere from a few months to a couple of years in order to see any gains to your credit score, so you have to hang tough with your improved spending habits and keep them up in the long run. Anyone that steps up with a quick-and-easy solution to improve your credit score is downright lying.

Remember: good habits + lots of time = better credit score!

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