What DOESN’T Reflect on Your Credit Report?

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Want to make your credit report more attractive? Looking to boost your credit score for that mortgage? There are ways to do that, but the following simply have no bearing on your overall credit score:

Total income is something that does not impact your credit score. A pay raise won’t do squat for your score, but the same can be said of a pay cut.

Employment will definitely impact your future expenditures, but holding down a job (or failure to do so) will not have a direct effect on your credit score. This is especially important for the newly-unemployed to remember when seeking loans.

Home value or underwater mortgages have no effect on your credit rating. Sure, you may have less money on equity and you may have a harder time selling the property, but this will not reflect on your score.

Savings will help you deal with emergencies and can make lenders feel more secure about your ability to repay loans, but they will not raise your credit score itself.

Revolving balances aka keeping a small amount of debt on your credit accounts will not raise your score – even if these companies benefit from your “contributions” via interest payments.

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