Credit Score Range

Find Out What Your Credit Score Scale Means

How to Get Free Credit Report Online?

Thanks to federal law passed in 2005, every US citizen is now eligible to receive one free credit report annually, upon request, from each credit bureau, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion where you can check your credit report online.

Average Credit Score

In 2011, the national average credit score is right around 692. But an average credit score varies considerably by state. Texas holds the lowest average credit score, of 667 while Minnesota has the highest average score of 718.

Do You Really Need a Credit Score of 800+?

You might be one of those folks gunning to boost your FICO score from 760 to a spotless credit rating of 800 or more. You might be doing so to get better interest rates on mortgages or better perks from the elite credit cards.

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