FICO to Sell Credit Reports in Spanish

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Fair Isaac Co., the company that provides some of the most widely used credit scores, has plans to release its products in Spanish and furnish a Spanish website.

The Spanish version actually went live for testing last October and was designed to be a mirror-image of its English counterpart.

It comes at a very good time, with Hispanic people accounting for more than half of the U.S. population increase. Hispanics now make up 16% of the total US population, which is 3% higher than it was a decade ago.

Users can access the Spanish version of by visiting or by finding and clicking the “Espanol” tab, which is located somewhere in the upper right portion of the homepage.

And it’s about time, too.

I know American English is our preferred language here, but you really can’t argue against the fact that there are a lot of Hispanics out there taking great pride in their mother tongue. Companies all around need to recognize that fact and make the most of it, especially those that deal in financial products like FICO.

If creating a Spanish version of FICO scores will give Hispanics an extra tool to be financially responsible, then why not?

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