Educating Children on Credit Score Early “Key” to Economic Woes

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Financial responsibility has to start early on – especially for the next generation that will grow up in weakened economy.

This is the basic message of Brian Pauling, a Junior Achievement volunteer of NV Energy, as he teaches financial literacy to his sixth-grade students. The students may not be eligible for credit cards for a few more years, but it is never too early to start teaching them about handling their finances, he says after winding up the lesson.

Pauling is one of twenty NV Energy volunteers teaching 550 students in the Academy of Excellence located in North Las Vegas. NV Energy is in turn one of many major corporations based in Las Vegas that participate in the Junior Achievement Program of Southern Nevada.

The program itself is being implemented in 37 mainly elementary schools with the ultimate objective of helping 20,000 students be more aware of their finances.

“When there’s an economic crisis, we want people to call on Junior Achievement as a prevention method,” says Junior Achievement Chief Operating Officer Jodi Manzella.

This is especially important for many working parents, as double and triple shifts leave them very little personal time with their children – much less teach them how to manage their finances.

“It’s not on their (parent’s) radar,” Pauling emphasizes.

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