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The current economic climate is making it increasingly difficult for folks to get by and pay for their regular expenses and bills, and this is particularly the case for those of you who are struggling to pay for your cell phone bills or even get basic cell phone service.

Many of these same people are also finding themselves being rejected by major cell phone service providers due to having a bad credit history or no real credit at all.As a result of this situation, many individuals are starting to look at bad credit cell phones as an alternative to traditional cell phone service, but thankfully there are a number of different options available depending on one’s needs and finances.

One of the more common methods by which people get around the entire issue is by going with some type of flat rate phone service or prepaid cell phone plan or non contractually based monthly cell phone service plan. One of the many varieties of prepaid cell phones are known as pay as you go cell phones, these are typically phones that you combine a gas station or any retail store and can have up and running within an hour or less.

These phones allow you to use basic cell phone services while also preventing over charges, as you can only use what you pay for up front.

For those of you who want to get onto one of them major cell phone carriers and get access to more traditional cell phone contract, there is a notch and available to you. If you have the money to do so, you can pay one of the major cell phone companies pay a fairly substantial the positive front as a form of collateral against your spotty credit history, this will allow you to gain access to their network and sign up for service.

What is even better about this particular kind of option is the fact that if you make your payments on time every month for the duration of the contract, you can often improve your overall credit scores.

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