What is a Good Credit Score?

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Perhaps the question you’ve always been asking yourself is “What is considered a good credit score?

Well, there is no stipulated pass or fail mark in regard to credit report, but creditors have set 700 to be a good credit score. Thing is, 60% of Americans are capable of achieving this, hence shouldn’t be difficult for anyone else. Read more “What is a Good Credit Score?”

What’s Your Take on Consumer Data Leaking into Credit Score?

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Payday loans, evictions and even payments for child support will now be factored into Fair Isaac Corp. (FICO) score courtesy of data provider CoreLogic. Rent, phone and utility payments may also be factored sometime soon. Read more “What’s Your Take on Consumer Data Leaking into Credit Score?”

Credit Card Companies “Hunting” For Low-Score Targets

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A report from TransUnion shows that credit card companies just issued around one in four new credit card accounts to “consumers with a score below 700“. This seems to run counter to a trend where lenders look for more security from potential borrowers. Read more “Credit Card Companies “Hunting” For Low-Score Targets”